Anticipating a move of God in Africa

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Anticipating the Season

This past year has been an incredibly exciting and fruitful year within the movement of Calvary Chapel and its areas of focus across the continent of Africa. As the movement continues reaching people and making disciples among people who are so freshly passionate about the Word of God, knowing Jesus, and planting churches.

Many Christians from villages to cities, who are walking in faith with a vision for a people, are seeing the book of Acts unfold as the Holy Spirit moves through willing and available servants of God. A movement that is marked by humility, faithfulness, focus and joy has started to ripple across and touch areas yet unreached, as well as deepen the work that is already happening.

We saw churches being planted in many countries, regional conferences taking place to encourage and build the church, bible schools training local leaders, as well as missionaries moving to serve. All this makes it evident that a whole new season is upon us.

This new year brings even more opportunities to reach further and deeper, and we are anticipating many more people answering the call to enter into what God is doing. And as this happens we look forward to partnering together and raising a voice for what Jesus is doing with men and women called, gifted and sent on His mission.

As we venture forward together we expect that God will stir the hearts of many to engage in what is transpiring on the continent, gain a specific burden for peoples and places, and raise the faith of many to step out and see what God will do.

We hope that you will pray, become immersed, and be encouraged as we at Calvary Chapel Africa seek to honour God by exposing many to His great works, with incredibly amazing people.

As you step into this new season, what steps of faith is God placing in front of you, and how are you planning and focusing on moving forward?

Please let us know what articles, insights and direction may we offer this year that would be most helpful to what is ahead for you in this New Year in the comment section below.

Let us enter into 2017 with a whole new anticipation and expectancy.


TALK TO US: What are you praying for with regards to a move of God in Africa? How are you looking expectantly to Him?