Intentionally Building Men and Transitioning A Church in South Africa

Calvary Chapel Table View


The landscape is changing in the movement of Calvary Chapel in South Africa. Men have come with clear vision to plant churches and raise local leaders. The church is at a moment of both change and opportunity. Now begins a season where those who remain can faithfully follow in the footsteps of those who ploughed and tilled to harvest a wonderful new work.


Pastor Bob Scott and his family are not new to the work of God in Africa. Having served both in East Africa and over the last five years in South Africa they have been a part of a whole new movement of empowering and developing local leaders, and much like the last moments of the life of the apostle Paul as he so urgently proclaimed the truths that lead him in ministry, we must look at those faithful men who have impacted a country and the principles that led them.


Church members of CC Table View pray for Bob and Sue Scott

This last weekend the movement saw a historic and clear model for church planting and mission as the ministry was transitioned to a local pastor and team.

From this example, we find some simple truths which we can continue to develop as a model for mission and church planting in Africa.


Building the church through teaching the scriptures: Over the last five years from a small home Bible study, Pastor Bob faithfully set a course and model for the teaching of the Word of God. He held a true belief and trust that the Word in and of itself has power to save and transform lives. No gimmicks, just simply preaching the Word. In addition to the courageous teaching of the scriptures, there is also doctrine and depth working together to satisfy the hunger of people’s hearts and give them a true understanding and vision of a great God.


Pastors Bob Scott, Jason Stead, Demitri Nikiforos (behind) and De Beer pray for Pastor Johann Loubser and his wife Engela and son Simeon

That the church is built through the developing of Godly men: From the start there was a clear focus to identify men to both disciple and train in the scriptures as well as to serve and love the church. Through the intentional strategy to develop men the church at CC Table View has seen the wonderful favour of God as Godly men lead families, have healthy marriages, create transparent friendships and have a sense of God building an army through them to develop the kingdom. It has been apparent that this has been a true mark of the strength of the body.


Developing Disciples and teams to lead and multiply: There was always a clear plan to build a pipeline of disciples that would in turn develop disciples. To build a consistent group of Godly, mature men that would be faithful to invest in others through accountability and fellowship. Yet this was also seen in the model of team leadership, with intention to gather regularly to pray, discern God’s will, and lead the church forward. There was a decentralization of leadership but also a model of a leader serving other leaders through guiding and training.


Pastor Johann Loubser (left ) and Pastor Bob Scott (third from right) with the leadership team that has been raised up for CC Table View

Freeing and empowering people to use their gifts: With the book of Acts model of being faithful to identify men of Godly character, develop spiritual gifting, and freely place responsibility on those called to serve there is a wonderful sense of the body loving and serving one another. It has been evident that there is a need to focus on those things.  A pastor is truly called to “preach, pray and lead” and let others come alongside in various capacities to play the role that God has gifted them to fill. His vision was to truly entrust and empower, and as they transition it was evident that a great group of people will carry this work forward.


Bob and the leadership team have been faithful to the model that we see in the Book of Acts to build the church, build men, develop disciples, and to empower local leaders so that at one moment it could see the very transition and rejoice in a work led by and through local leaders


Pastor Johann Loubser with Pastor Bob Scott and his wife Sue