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The Apostle Paul was constantly connecting with people through relationship but specifically along the lines of how God was moving in and through people and what was transpiring in the church. He was specific about certain people and celebrated particular churches. Much of this was most likely so that others would be encouraged and built up by the expanding and deepening of the Kingdom.



Kibera DedicationOver the last few decades God has been doing a tremendous work in Kenya. A nation rich with evangelical influence and revival Calvary Chapel has seen the creation of a missionary movement. Some of those early endeavours through men like Ed Compean and David Zavala have blossomed into a Calvary Bible school, pastoral training through the Calvary Chapel Church Planting Network, the raising of local leaders to carry the model, as well as extending this vision of making disciples into unreached people groups.


The work in Sudan has seen a similar testimony amongst a people who have survived and walked through tremendous pain and political struggle. These servants such as Far Reaching Ministries and Ends of the Earth Ministries have forged a clear and courageous path of going into areas that are both dangerous and undeveloped. The missionaries based there, including the likes of Wes Bentley and Rob Douglass, have a passion to see people evangelized and churches planted, and many of the forgotten are being found.


Shepherd SchoolEqually exciting is the work in South Africa. A very young movement in the making is seeing a tremendous move of God spirit and over the last dozen years has seen American missionaries come to minister and plant churches as well as local leaders be raised up to serve in a variety of cultures that is unprecedented. With the development of pastoral training and of a church planting movement, along with a unified focus of churches working together to further this thrust, it’s an incredibly exciting time to be alive for those there.

Graduates of the Calvary Chapel Bible Training Centre at their Ebenezer Stone


The list doesn’t stop here. There are those in Ghana, with the Bible school started through Pastor Jim Gallagher and Rich Chafin, the Calvary Chapel planted in Nigeria and in Tanzania as well as Malawi, and Zambia the great and long-time work of God through Intensive Care ministries training bible teachers all over the continent. The list goes on but is not endless. These are incredible people, doing ministry that is changing eternity.


It is our desire at Calvary Chapel Africa that as you explore this site and read about the various ministries through which God is working, that you too would be encouraged, and inspired to connect with these people and be a voice for the continent of Africa. As you read about these countries, churches, and people prayerfully consider how Jesus wants you to be a part of His work.


Our church locator gives a variety of ministries and churches that are presently affiliated reach out to them and begin to allow God to use you.


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