2016 Africa Missions Conference Mp3’s

David Guzik

Main Sessions

1. Moving Forward in Faith (Jason Stead)download_icon
2. "Do Business Till I Come" (David Guzik)download_icon
3. Filled To Be Used (Malcolm Wild)download_icon
4. Characteristics of Servant Leadership (Jason Stead)download_icon
5. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Malcolm Wild)download_icon
6. Facing Discouragements in Ministry (David Guzik)download_icon
7. Mission: Possible (Chad Naaktgeboren)download_icon
8. Redefining Missions (Mike Burnard)download_icon
9. Run with Endurance (David Guzik)download_icon
10. Purity: The Church Sanctified (Malcolm Wild)download_icon

Break-Away Sessions

1. Men's Session 1 - Pressing Towards the Goal (Donne Pouguini)download_icon
2. Women's Session - The Holy Spirit and Evangelism (Inga-Lilll Guzik)download_icon
3. Men's Session 2 - Keeping in Step with the Spirit (Doug Search)download_icon
Due to a technical issue Carol Wild's Women's Session was not recorded. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

2015 Africa Missions Conference Mp3’s


Main Sessions

1. All Thing Under His Feet (Steve Vickery)download_icon
2. Ready For Rome (Roger Ulman)download_icon
3. Stepping Out in Faith (Ed Taylor)download_icon
4. Christ's Mission and Sufficiency (Jason Stead)download_icon
5. Submission (Ed Taylor)download_icon
6. Fellowship (Steve Vickery)download_icon
7. Whom Have I in Heaven But You? (Roger Ulman)download_icon
8. The Ministry of Evangelism (Steve Vickery)download_icon
9. Passing the Tests of Obedience (Ed Taylor)download_icon
10. Spiritual Warfare (Eric Flores)download_icon
11. Separation and Surrender (Jason Stead)download_icon

Workshops / Break-Away Sessions

1. Workshop - Dealing with Common Misconceptions About Faith (Steve Vickery)download_icon
2. Men's Session - Nehemiah (Jason Stead)download_icon
3. Men's Session - Joshua 1 (Roger Ulman)download_icon
4. Workshop - Prayer (Niki Nikiforos)download_icon
5. Workshop - Knowing the Work You're Called To (Eric Flores)download_icon
6. Workshop - Personal Evangelism (Eric Flores)download_icon
7. Workshop - Church Leadership (Steve Vickery)download_icon