#AfricaConference2017 – Equipping Christians to Reach Africa’s Muslims

Daniel Massieh

On any given Friday afternoon in the majority of the major cities in Africa, you will see scores of Africans dressed in white robes flocking into mosques, and we are reminded of the words of Jesus – that the fields are white unto harvest. God in His mercy is raising up labourers to reach out to them to offer salvation based on His grace through His Son Jesus Christ.


At the Calvary Chapel Africa Conference this September we aim to set our sights on entering this great harvest and the task at first may seem daunting. But it is God who is raising people up to minister to the lost of this continent with a powerful tool – The Gospel.


This year we are privileged to have Daniel Massieh, author and founder of Open the Gates Ministries, as one of our guest speakers and can look forward to precious insight into ministering to Muslims. Daniel was raised as a Muslim in Egypt before he gave his life to Christ over 30 years ago. With a heart for reaching Muslim people with the Gospel, he uses this vantage point to equip Christians and the church to reach out to the Islamic populations and other lost people around them.


This year’s Africa Missions Conference will centre on the Power of the Gospel and will have a strong focus on discipleship and relationships as we continue to seek to connect, unite and equip the saints for ministry and spreading the gospel around the continent of Africa.


Don’t miss out on this amazing time of fellowship and ministry. Be sure to book your place at the conference by registering here. Watch the video below to find out more about Daniel Massieh and his ministry Open The Gates.