Foundations of Faith: Kick-Start your Discipleship

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Paul eagerly encouraged Timothy to be faithful to the scriptures, to study, know, and teach, as a means of personal growth and but also a challenge to make disciples. With this in mind, it’s our desire to offer helpful resources to both you as an individual or those you may be ministering to in your sphere of influence, whether it is in a church you pastor, or a small group of people you may be discipling.

A group of church leaders using Foundations of Faith to train and disciple at a church plant in Okollo, North West Uganda.Foundations of Faith is a free 7-module Bible study course designed to get you on the right track with your walk with God. It is a simple yet thorough and strategic way of learning and imparting Biblical truths.

Foundations of Faith can be done alone or in a group setting and is a great way to kick-start the discipleship process with new and young believers as well as old saints who enjoy spending time learning about God.

We invite you to personally take this course, and then as a means of discipleship and multiplication invite others and gather a group to walk through this resource together.

Discipleship in Cape Town, South AfricaAll you have to do to start is to REGISTER for the course and then we will send you the first module which can either be completed online, or emailed back to us. Once you have completed the module and set it back to us, we will look over it and return it to you with helpful feedback.

Once you have completed the full 7 module Foundations of Faith course, we will send you a certificate that will enable you to download the entire course work and personally engage a small group to work through the materials together. The goal from the start is that each of the members of your group will each start their own group of two or more people to use these materials to disciple.


This has been an excellent means for personal growth and being faithful to the Great Commission for many people already.


If you would like to get started please REGISTER HERE and once you have received your student information head over to the STUDENT’S AREA or if you would like to find out more information don’t hesitate to CONTACT US.

We are looking forward to helping you along in your journey with God.

So let’s get started!


TALK TO US: Have you used this or any similar resource before for discipleship and how did it help with Spiritual growth?