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Calvary Chapel Bible College
Much of the expansion of the movement in East Africa through Calvary Chapel has its original roots in the Biblical training of local men and women in the Word of God at the extension Campus of Calvary Chapel Bible College (CCBC) in the Capital City of Kampala. A work that was originally started by missionaries, Brian Kelly and Josh Carlson, who were sent to plant a church, these men saw a great need and effectively trained and catapulted men into service by multiplying themselves. In fact many of the original teachers went on to plant churches that still minister throughout East Africa.


You can travel the landscape and regularly meet men across the region who in some way, whether for a semester or a completed course study, were involved with the school. People from Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Congo are scattered through the continent serving in some capacity with effectiveness. Their time at the college altered the course of ministry and understanding of God’s Word.


It’s amazing how former students equate their present growth and ministry as a result of that involvement, with simply the investment of God’s Word and the teaching of servant leadership.


Many of these students that had graduated in the last decade were sent out as church planters from CC Kampala and are leading vibrant healthy churches throughout the central district and beyond. It’s exciting to see those seeds that were planted years ago bearing fruit that remains. In fact one of the former students Zeddie Muzungu transitioned three years ago to become lead pastor of Calvary Chapel Kampala as those who started the church went on to pastor new works in other countries.


A few years ago, after a short closure, the college was re-established and took in its first students; men and women with a passion to learn and be used. Most of these students sacrifice deeply to attend and be a part of a new and growing season of ministry leaders. Their love of God and commitment to learning continues to be building passion within them.


In June 2016 the first graduating class was administered and resulting in the establishing of internships within local Calvary Chapels.


CCBC Graduates with Pastor Zeddie Muzungu on the left and CCBC Director John Eastham on the right.
CCBC Graduates with Pastor Zeddie Muzungu on the left and CCBC Director John Eastham on the right.


Through the teaching of local pastors within the college, and the establishing of service and evangelism within the community a new generation of leaders are growing together and preparing for great things ahead. Some who are local to the community and others from other countries within the area are built into family of believers learning and growing as one.


It’s amazing when you are there at the college to see how the students loving one another and serving the body has created such an atmosphere of Christ.


CCBCAs a campus all the courses that one would take at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrietta are offered and each student listens to the Old and New Testament survey studies that are given by Pastor Chuck. Each one of the classes is taught by former students and local pastors. Through alternative electives like evangelism, hospital ministry, and Biblical counselling, the students are learning to practically serve the body of Christ.


The dream is to see a piece of land purchased and to establish a more permanent school which can house students from both within and outside the country. A permanent school is important as the goal of ongoing discipleship is more effective this way and they have already begun to receive the first international students from outside the continent.


The intention and purpose of Calvary Chapel Bible College is to be a place of mentoring and sending throughout the continent as well as the receiving of foreign students. It is the desire of the school’s leadership to see a wide spread movement of ministry leaders establish great churches, ministries and further Gods kingdom through the region.




Would you be interested in supporting a student to attend a semester of Bible School?  Contact us directly and we can help. This investment would further Gods kingdom in a way that would multiply Gods work across Africa.


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