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Moving forward with Indigenous Leadership

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Over the last decade the movement of Calvary Chapel has spread like wildfire and a number of great men have been trained and mentored, and the churches and vision forward has exploded. With a sense of expectancy these men have developed a strategy to identify and train men called to pastor and plant churches. The vision is wide and yet intentionally deep.


One of those men, Pastor Stephen Nyadenge of Calvary Chapel Lakeside, has an extremely focused approach to building the kingdom through local leaders. In the Kisumu in South West Kenya he has taken in men to train through a school of ministry setting in which men are developed within the church both within the classroom and in a ministry setting.


Pastor Stephen Nyadenge (right)
Pastor Stephen Nyadenge (right)

It’s important that they are getting a deep understanding of the scriptures and theology, and at the same time practically allowing these men to use their knowledge to minister and serve people. There is a clear and consistent approach to mentoring as they meet regularly for both instruction and assessment. They enter into this 18 to 24 month program with very specific vision and intentions.


As these men develop they have a specific area in mind in which God has given them a burden and they have a desire to go to a people to evangelize, teach and disciple in churches as they are birthed. Stephen originally took the Calvary Chapel Church Planting Network (CCCPN) manual and developed it to include further information as well as adapt it to local culture. This program is spreading as it shows itself effective in both bless the local church and expanding the mission.


Jacksom Keringot, far left, is one of the local leaders ministering to the Masai people
Jacksom Keringot, far left, is one of the local leaders ministering to the Masai people

Each of these men are intensely involved in the local church and are indigenous leaders. A development in the last year has been the reaching further into unreached and unengaged cultures without Gospel witness or the Word of God being taught. Places like the Masai Mara where indigenous peoples who have had a long history of violence and nomad-like living have been penetrated by those being trained and these men going deeper into unscheduled areas.


It’s exciting to see the way in which God is using the simple teaching of the word, focused intentional strategy and the simple ministry distinctive of Calvary Chapel to transcend culture and reach people. The same work God is doing through Calvary in the States on the opposite side of the globe and in a people that is radically different is being done here too. This is truly a work of the Holy Spirit and a fulfilment of the Book of Acts in our day in a far off region.


If you would like to get in touch with Pastor Stephen, you can reach him on his Facebook page.


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