Making Disciples of Christ in Malawi

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This November a team of Calvary Chapel pastors and children’s ministry workers from South Africa sets off to Malawi for our Equip Lilongwe Discipleship Training Conference. Our relationship with this beautiful nation in the heart of Africa started more than seven years ago and continues on…

With over 1 million inhabitants, Lilongwe is the largest and capital city of Malawi. Christianity made its way to this country just over 150 years ago, during a mission trip of Dr. David Livingstone in 1859. Two years later, came the rise of the Universities’ Mission to Central Africa trip, which brought along several other missionaries and the translation of the Bible into the Chichewa language. Today the majority of the Malawian population now identifies as Christian.

The goal of Equip 2015 is to provide pastors, church leaders, youth workers, and children’s ministry teachers with the necessary skills needed for evangelism and discipleship within the church. While most Malawians claim to be Christian, Biblical knowledge and discipleship are lacking in both adults and children. Whilst children are encouraged to attend church, there is a general lack of trained Children’s ministry workers who can effectively minister and provide for the spiritual needs of Malawian children.

Economically, with a GDP of only $226.50, Malawi is the poorest nation on earth. This is evident the moment you arrive in Lilongwe. Walking along village streets one is greeted by orphaned children in filthy rags, and in most parts homes are shoddy mud hut dwellings. The mortality rate due to disease and malnutrition is high. The current life expectancy is only 55. These difficult circumstances spill into the spiritual need of many believers in Christ. In the Malawian churches we have visited very few Christians even own their own Bible.

Please support the 2015 Equip Lilongwe Conference. This year’s ministry team includes Demitri Nikiforos, Walter Kohrs, Dave van Breda, Matt Jordaan, Mike Styles, Lourika Vaandrager and Cherene Mokhwae. They are geared up to teach and serve the Malawian church, and will also bring with them a consignment of Bibles in the local Chichewa language.

Get involved!


  • For many pastors and ministry leaders from all over Malawi to attend Equip.
  • For safe travelling for the Calvary Chapel team and for those who are attending.
  • Financial provision for the conference.
  • For the translations of all the teachings to be done accurately, conveying the correct messages.
  • For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to minister to those going and those attending.
  • For Christ to bless each person with the wisdom to continue in Biblical discipleship and ministry.


Due to the financial need in Malawi, the vast majority of believers do not have Bibles. Donate finances for this cause.


Inquire and join the next Malawi Equip Discipleship Training Conference.