The Value of Relationships

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The placing of value of relationships in the ministry specifically in Africa is vitally important for the work of God to move forward. To truly develop partnerships in which both parties thrive and enjoy fruitful ministry takes time, genuine openness with accountability on both sides, and a tremendous amount of work.

As I sat a few weeks ago with men that had planted Calvary Chapel churches and were continuing in faithfulness to God, His word and those people that they were ministering to I saw into the heart of each of these men, motives and hearts that were completely genuine and focused on the kingdom.

They were men who have sacrificed deeply and were consistent in character and vision. They had proven themselves through some very challenging times.

MalawiThey were looking for partnerships, which for them meant relationships. These relationships are something much deeper than financial investment but fellowship with pastors and churches that would desire to work together for the ministry to expand. Relationships where they could seek counsel, working together with teams to do ministry on ground, and to together see God do something greater. They truly have given their lives and families to these ventures of faith in tremendously difficult circumstances financially and culturally.

They were much like the Macedonian man seeking for leaders to come, invest and build. Africa is a place of great challenge ministerially and a continent where God is moving in these days in tremendous ways and the possibilities endless. Finding true men of integrity is an incredible task, yet they are there and we can rise up to help.

MalawiWe are looking to connect pastors to works in Africa to assist through partnerships that include prayer, leadership development, sending of teams and financial support.

If you are interested in connecting to Calvary works on the continent and have a burden for a specific area get in touch with us and allow us to help you fulfil what God has put in your heart but also to assist those here to be empowered to full fill what God desires to do through them.


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