God reveals Himself to us through the pages of the Bible. This book is the most important book we will ever read, because between these covers we have the very words of God Himself. His thoughts, His will, His nature, His character, and His glory. It is here we can draw near to Him, learn from and about Him, and ultimately here that He reveals His Son the Lord Jesus Christ to us. This is why it is so important for us to live in this Book and to read it daily.


Thru The Bible is a way for you to study through the Bible daily, from Genesis to Revelation – book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse.


Using Chuck Smith’s C2000 Through The Bible series as the basis, we have designed 8 booklets to assist you in your study through the Bible. Each of the booklets contains questions and notes, crafted over the years by Calvary Chapel Bible College Staff, for each of the messages. And the goal is simple, to study Thru the Bible before He returns.


Download the booklets below and begin your journey Thru The Bible today!


Genesis to Numbers

Deuteronomy to Job

Psalms to Isaiah

Jeremiah to Malachi

Booklet Audio Booklet Audio Booklet Audio Booklet Audio


Matthew to Luke

John to Acts

Romans to Philippians

Colossians to Revelation

Booklet Audio Booklet Audio Booklet Audio Booklet Audio